Tuesday, November 01, 2005

6 Miles in 50:30

Adverse conditions today. It was dark, windy, and rainy. Not having any real rain gear or even a windbreaker, I pulled a coup by running in a body glove rash/guard wetsuit type shirt. Basically the same crap Under Armour remarketed to make a few more multi-millionaires. Ah, but I digress. So I ran a familiar 6 mile course ...3 miles up Red Bug and Back. I wore a ballcap and running gloves helping me retain just enough heat without getting too hot. My goal was a steady 9 minute pace, and while my pace was fairly steady it was closer to 8 minutes.

I had a sweet fall on the run...It was really dark and I didn't see a rise between two pieces of sidewalk concrete. I hit it and launched into a full-scale digger. I didn't wanna tear myself up again, so I somehow launched my self into the grass, rolled off my shoulder and popped up without really breaking stride. I think the judge in the Red Honda (presumably from Japan?) gave it a 9.2. I think it would have been a 10, but I lost points for my costume.

I was still pretty sore from Saturday and Sunday, and am hoping to be feeling good for the final long run later this week. DAD - Thank you the running shoe voucher and the support. I have my eye on some Nike Marathon shoes.

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