Sunday, September 09, 2007

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Played in a scrimmage Friday night. Hat trick...but in a laid back league. Today was Sunday and my over 30 side won 1-0. I had a nice slide tackle, popped up and slotted a pass through to Dan...who proceeded to bury a gem of a goal. Then I watched our Allemannia Aixpress open premier team spank my old team FC Rogue. I still have some good friends on that team, but Mike was a douche-bag today. Whatever. Good times. Watched some football and now am watching the USA vs. Brail soccer exhibition at Soldier Field. We hit up a wedding this weekend and Amy did church today and is taking Erin to her youth group tonight. I am going to work on a website for the church and for Rock n Roll tattoo parlor in Orlando this week.

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