Monday, October 13, 2008

New Craigslist Car Scam? Craigslist and Ebay Car Scam Info

So I am shopping for a new ride on Craigslist. Looking for something cheap because I can't really afford my Grand Cherokee anymore (hey whats another repo, since the ex already hooked me up with one). I digress, but so what... Quick sidetrack much worse is it to have two reposessions on the credit versus one? I figure the one she stuck on me screws me anyways. No sense overpaying (way) on another vehicle. Sure I will get sued, but you can't squeeze blood from a turnip. Always wanted to use that antiquated phrase in a blog. Back to the story..

So I see this sweet white 2000 BMW for $'s in mint condition, VIN is listed, etc etc. The smell Craig's List scam lingers in the air like garlic around the neck of a vampire slayer. But I give it a go and email about the car. Two days later I get the following email back from

The car is still for sale. It is in perfect shape. It has no scratches, dents and it was never involved in an accident or something like that. You can check the carfax yourself, the VIN is WBABM3340YJN80401. It has 73,863 miles.
Here are some more pics I have a clear title and it is on my name. I am forced by a bank loan to sell it so I need the money and I must do that. Dont worry, the loan does not involve the car.
My final price is 2,850. I already have tons of emails so I hope you understand that I need to sort them out. I will take in consideration only those buyers who are really interested in buying the car, to be sure that I don't waste my time with endlessdiscussions.
This way, I shall be assured of the serious intentions.
Thank you.
P.S. If you are decided to buy it, I can make a private auction just for you on eBay so you can purchase it there. That way you will receive assistance for the purchase, paperwork, title transfer and an extended warranty. They also are guaranteeing purchases up to 20.000 so we will both be protected.
Regards !!

So, this is obviously a new Craigslist and Ebay auto scam. I ended it here, but found this on ebay regarding the next step of the scam:

Thank you for email me back.The car is in a warehouse of eBay in Klamath Falls(OR), ready for delivery to a new buyer. If you are still interested to continue this process here are the transaction's steps. After starting up the transaction at eBay you will have to pay a deposit of $1000($500shipping process+$500 insurance)After the payment of $1000 is made eBay will send you the car for inspection along with all the documents( title, a bill of sale). The car will arrive in 2-3 days at your address.You will have 2 days test period to decide if you keep the car or not.I will put along with the car :keys, title, all the receipts that I have from it, owner's manual,service manual, and also a bill of sale stating that i'm selling you this car.With this bill of sale you can put the title on your name. If you want to keep the car, you announce them that you have it and then you have 5 days to make the other deposit of $4000.If you don't want to keep it, you will send it back to eBay and i will support the shipping back fees(but im sure is not the case the car is in perfect condition)and eBay will refund you the deposit. Let me know if this is ok with so we can move forward with this deal. In order to begin the deal please send me your full name and your shipping address so that I will let eBay know that you are interested .As soon as I have them I'll start the official procedure, and eBay Safe Harbor will notify you about this. You'll also receive important guidelines + instructions from them (please go through them exactly). Also, a refund policy will be included.Looking forward to hearing from you

THANK YOU poster who warned about this scam. Hopefully it will save someone some serious cash. Deliver the car WITH the title and bill of sale? RIGHT!

Other emails potentially involved in this scam:, lda.thoms,,,

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