Monday, August 03, 2009

Who are some Famous People, Athletes and Celebrities that Twitter?

I am often asked, and often wonder my self questions like: What famous people are on twitter, are there celebrities on twitter, does mc hammer really twitter or is it a fake, what are links to celebrities twitter pages, is there a list of celebrity twitter accounts? Well below is a list, which was a struggle to compile. Many of the twitter accounts are complete fakes. Don't look now but now there are a lot of musicians and even athletes on twitter. Now, even Oprah has a twitter account. So, who is most popular celebrity on twitter? 1. Ashton Kutcher 2. Brittany Spears. 3. Elen Degeneres. So lets check out some celebrities and athletes that tweet!

Musicians and Singers Twitter Accounts

3Oh3! Twitter Account -
Dave Matthews Twitter! -
Miley Cyrus Tweets -
Ludacris Twitter Page -
Dave Navarro gets hot women and Tweets -
Courtney Love Twitter -
TPain Doesnt Use his Twitter -
Wyclef's Twitter -
Weird Al's Weird Tweets -
Pete Yorn -
Ciara Shows Her Boobs and Tweets -
John Mayer's Twitter -
The Real Jordin Sparks -
Taylor Swifts Sexy Twitter -
Benji Madden -
MC Hammer's Twitter -
Jay-Z (as Sean Carter) Twitter -
Brittany Spears Twitters -
Henry Rollins' Twitter -
Bjork -

Athletes that Twitter
Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) - - FYI Shaq's twitter account is often hilarious, and Shaq is of all of these celebrity and athlete twitters, the ulimate twitter addict!

Michael Phelps Twitter Account -
Sidney Crosby Twitters and Tweets -
Eli Manning Twitter -

Curt Schilling -
Tony Hawk's Twitter - http://http//
Rob Dyrdek Twits and Tweets -
Marcos Ambrose -
Chris Cooley -
Jay Feely -
Randy Moss NFL Twitter -
Asante Samuel Intercepts and Tweets -
Paul Piece is an athlete that tweets -
Knowshon Moreno Twitters Already -

Earnest Graham NFL Twitter Account -
Alex Ovechkin -
Coco Crisp (MLB not cereal) Tweets at -
Brian Ching MLS Twitterer -
Brit Klein Twitter (Chicago Red Stars, WPS) -

Aly Wagner Los Angleles Sol - http://www.alywagner/
Cat Whitehill of the Washington Freedom - http://www.catwhitehill4/
Tony DiCicco of the Boston Breakers WPS Coach -
Linday Tarpley is a Soccer Player on Twitter -
John Calipary UK Tweets -
Barry Zito MLB Pitcher and Twitter -

David Ortiz - Big Papi, Big Tweeter -
Lance Armstrong Twitter -
Todd Wellemeyer (Cardinals Pitcher) -
Kris Benson Bangs Strippers and Tweets -
Pete Carroll Coaches USC and Tweets -
Haseem Thabeet - Thabeet the Tweet -
Kyle Petty is another athlete on Twitter -
Lebron James Twitter -
Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic Twitter) -
Ryan Newman Twitter (Nascar) -
Robby Gordon Twitter (Nascar) -
Stewart Cink PGA Twittering Athlete -
Andy Murray's Twitter (US Tennis Player)

Sean Merriman Athlete that Twitters -
John Daily's PGA Twitter -
Sasha Vujachic Twitter -
Juan Pablo Montoya Twitter -
Mick Fanning -

Randy Moss is an atlete that twitters -
Drew Brees is an NFL Twitterer -
Mark Sanchez Another NFL Twitterer -
PacMan Jones is a Free Agent Tweeter -
Michael Strahan is Using Twitter -

Other Celebrities that Twitter
Oprah -
Andy Dick -
Luke Wilson's Twitter -
Tyler Perry's House of Tweets -
Alyssa Milano's twitter account -
Kat Williams Hilarous Tweets -
Bill Gates Tweets like a Nerd -
Barack Obama Twitters! -
Russell Brand -
Demi Moore (Kutcher) Twitters -
Ashton Kutcher Tweets -
Jimmy Fallon Twitter -
Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me) Twitter -
Pen Gilette -
Brea Grant Twitter (Daphne on Heroes) -
William Shatner Twitter -
Fake Peter Griffin Twitter (Family Guy) -
Fake Stewie Griffin Twits (Family Guy) -
Scott Roy (celebrity blogger) -

Stay tuned for updates on more celebrities and athletes that twitter and tweet!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links - but Andy Murray is from the UK, not the US

ScottSandSkokie said...

Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears has a Twitter Account: