Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Another week in paradise...on a DIET good thing about pictures let me see how fat I am getting! With the end of soccer and a 6 mountain dew and 2-3 beer a day habit...I have put on about 5 pounds, bumping me up to 180. I am on the South Beach Diet trying to lose some of those pounds....Its pretty easy with the exception of no soda. Amy is convinced she needs to lose weight too, so we are on it together. I should lose about 8 pounds in 14 days just by cutting breads, sugars, pastas, etc. I will weigh in towards the end of the week. We are also bumping up the workout schedule to include cardio, abs and strength training classes at the gym. The first Cardio-Strength class left me more sore than any soccer match in recent memory.

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