Sunday, June 20, 2004

Does this have Carbs?

How many of you are sick of hearing about Carbs? I know plenty of my friends are. But I have to say the diet is in fact working for the both of us. And I am happy with my results.

Today is fathers day and we had a great lunch at a BBQ restaurant in Edgewater. I cheated and had garlic toast, IT WAS SO GOOD! I have to say I miss some of my carbs.

The girls played o the slip and slide today and they giggled the whole time. Jimmy just got back from NJ last night and I pick him up in the AM. I cant wait. I miss him alot.

We leave next Sunday for Destin,for a week. All of the kids are going and Mom is too. I am excited. We have a room at SanDestin Resort and Spa for 4 nights and A room at Watercolor Inn 2 nights.

Hopefully something special will come in the mail soon.

Good things come in small packages!


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