Wednesday, September 22, 2004

94 Days till Christmas

What a rough 2 1/2 months. A move, a new school, 2 hurricanes, 4 new soccer teams, a new job and 2 new pets. However we are happy and healthy, well somewhat. I have caught the cold that everyone else has already had. That sucks. Scott's new soccer team is kicking butt and taking names this season. He is a great player. The co-ed team is mostly for fun I think, some good exercise if nothing else. Erin and Jimmy will start their YMCA teams the 28th of this month with Scott assistant coaching it this year.

My mom and Dad are good and they have a new puppy.(Just what they need) He is the cutest thing, very hard headed though. He fits in well!

We missed our trip to Santa Rosa Beach this past Labor Day weekend because of Frances. We spent the first 2 days of the storm out on the lake though, it was windy but the skies were amazingly beautiful. It was creepy knowing what was lurking and brewing right off of our coast. Mother Nature is an amazing woman. Scott's mom's house took a beating from Ivan but stood up well to his power. The home only lost a couple of pieces of siding from what I gathered from Sean (my brother in law). We are hoping to catch a plane to MA. for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It would be great to see everyone.


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