Thursday, September 16, 2004

Just Keepin it Real...Ramblings

-Big co-ed soccer loss last night. Not really...but co-ed is a good workout on the same field my "real" Sunday games are on.
-Sean is in California surfing this week for work. Tough job, I'll be thinking of him while on my 7th conference call of the day.
-Hurricane Ivan hit the Panhandle today.....millions with out power....suckers...I still got power this time!
-Juliana got a haircut yesterday and is no longer being confused with the pets.
-Scott is going to the doc this afternoon to get some medicine for his explosive diaharea. Yesterday was a first....I think I actually shit my socks!
-Working on Nanny and Papa's roof this weekend...might squeeze in a jetski ride (and a soccer game). We are gonna show Charlie and Frances who is boss!

Thanks, ya'll have been a great audience. Enjoy The Band.

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