Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Phoenix Trip - Hurricane Update - blah blah

Figured it was time to update the blog as I sit on a plane from Phoenix to Dallas. I just spent a a day and a half meeting with the web development company working on the new Mercedes Homes site. Those of you that know me well (you lucky summbitches), you must realize that for me being the client is a nice change. All of these years of kissing Charlie, Lesley, and idiotic realtors; asses has my lips kinda numb. My contacts at Rhino as well as their CEO, dropped about 600 bucks taking me out to go F1 Go-Cart racing. Definitely a unique experience. I quickly found that I was overmatched, as Rhino recently completed the F1 racing website and had done this several times. The carts are on F1 type racing courses, and reach top speeds in the mid 40’s. Each race lasted a good 12 minutes or so. To be quite honest….I sucked…placing 7th out of 10 in each of our three races. Anyways, I fared much better in the meetings the next day where I was able to real in the functionality of the site, knocking about 100k off the overall total.

As the weekend approaches, we find ourselves preparing for yet another hurricane. Frances was a little nicer to us than Charlie, but we were forced to spend the entire Labor Day weekend watching steady 50 mile an hour winds topple our trees (again). No complaints here as we miraculously retained power throughout. This game me ample opportunity to defend my throne as the King of Madden 2005. Now apparently Ivan is on its way, following a similar path to Charlie, but as a much larger and more devastating storm. We have stocked up on plywood for this or other storms. The storms have had a very interesting effect on the state of Florida, and people are taking them seriously. What choice do you have when you are in the path of the third hurricane in 4 weeks. Will keep you posted.

In other news, our Zoo continues to grow. In addition to the 100 gallon fish tank, the beta fish, the hamster, Jake, and Elvis…..we recently welcomed Nutmeg (Meg for short) to the family. Meg is a 6 week old kitten that found her way into our household just before Frances struck. She is a cute little ball of fur, and brings back happy memories of a young Pumpkin….same size, same fuzziness level. Love, peace, and yellow teefs.


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