Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My T-shirt Website - Tshirts that effin rock!

So, many of you may know that I have had an ongoing list of t-shirt ideas for some years now. Some of you may know that I created a test t-shirt site a few months back. Well, I checked it out yesterday, and with no promotion, I have sold over 25 t-shirts! And none were to myself or friends. I have partnered with, an company, to bring my designs to life. I have grander plans, but this gets it off of the ground. Most of the ideas are completely origininal..some are adaptations of things I have seen or heard. ALL of the designs are hand designed by me. If you have any ideas or requests, I will make a t-shirt specifically for you within 48 hours...the cool thing about my partner is the model allows for one-off shirts. Please visit the site to see these trendy, funny, stylish shirts!

Thanks for your continued support.

-Scott Roy

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Jenn said...

Awesome shirts I may have to purchase a few soon !!!