Monday, March 14, 2005

March 13th Weekend

Well, we definitely had a fun weekend. I PROMISE pictures by Wednesday. Friday night we met up with some friends at the bar in the Radisson downtown. Scott made fast friends with his homies from Atlanta (hollaaaa Courtney!!). Chris, Guillermo, Scott “Unit,” and April accompanied us out to “Bar” Orlando. It started off kind of slow, but we couldn’t relocate due to the rounds that seemed to never end. Before we knew it the club was packed. Much of what transpired at the club cannot be typed about because I think my mom might actually read these. For that reason lets just say there was lots of beer, a shot or 5, and allot of scandalous women. Didn’t matter though, cause mine was the hottest one in there.

On Saturday, Amy and I went to New Smyrna Beach. The drive out was interesting as it was Bike Week in Daytona (just a bit north). We saw thousands of bikes, and lots of hogs. Going to NSB was a bit surreal. NSB is “our” beach…we go there probably every weekend. Due to the hurricanes last summer, we didn’t get to go as often as usual. It was sad to see the condition of the beach. No more loose sand, no more room for cars, and high tide that goes all the way up to the sea walls. The city has plans to restore the beaches (most other cities have), but nothing yet. Below is a picture showing the beach before and after the hurricanes.

Sunday’s soccer match turned into a nice little 4-0 victory for FC Rogue. I was fortunate enough to score the first and last goals. We unfortunately lost one of our strikers, Dane Polidore, to a shattered and torn ankle. Tough loss for us. Here is to a full and speedy recovery brotha.

Again, pics are on the way!

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