Tuesday, March 22, 2005

FC Rogue Soccer Update

Well, the FC Rogue soccer season is off to an awesome start. After a runner-up season last year, and a heartbreaking loss in the tournament finals (via a shootout), we were promoted to Division 1. As the new guys, and the second of the two teams to earn our promotion, this essentially means we were seeded to finish the season 10th out of 10.

Ha. 10th? With this bunch of guys? Two thirds of the way through regular season, FC Rogue sits alone in first place. We are undefeated (4-0-2), with a +12 goal differential (18 for, and 6 against). Last night’s 4-2 victory came under the lights, in the rain, against an absolutely tenacious side of Mexican immigrants. In the not so impressive, and in fact shameful news, I now have 6 yellow cards and 1 redcard (the result of two yellows in one game) through 7 matches. Thankfully the majority of those cards (not all of em though) came from agressive play and hard hits.

Anyhow, we have a two week break with our next game April 3 versus the Orlando Blackhawks.


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