Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fridge Thief - Work Food Bandit - Work Food Thief - Fridge Bandit

The Case of the Work Fridge Bandit - Has this ever happened at your office. It is happening at mine, and I find it to be the funniest thing ever. Our office manager is taking the "theft" of food from our work fridge pretty seriously! LOL and stay tuned to see if we catch the food bandit!

Email #1 - Tuesday 9/23 - 4:02 PM
Good afternoon,

Just a word of caution to everyone...

Apparently someone was extra hungry yesterday or today, as food has been missing this from someone that brought in from home to have for their meals for the week.

First off, as a reminder, please do not eat anyone elses food items and secondly, it is best not to bring in food for the entire week and keep in the refridgerators or freezers. Please bring in only food that you will consume for the day. Keep in mind that on Fridays any food or containers, yes even those that are packaged and left in the freezers, will be thrown out every week if you do not come and get them before 4pm.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Office Manager

Email #2 - Thursday 9/25 - 8:54 am

Good morning,

It appears that my first message this week was not clear enough.

The food bandit has struck again, during regular business hours, this making it twice in as many days. This is not a funny prank. It is a serious matter.

So let me make it a little more clear for you all....

If you see food in the refrigerator and it is not yours, DO NOT EAT IT OR REMOVE IT FROM THE REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZERS!!!!

Lets all be considerate of your co-workers that have left over lunches or frozen foods for the days consumption. If you have left over food from a restaurant please make sure your name and date is on the packaging is possible, if you brown bag it please mark your bags with your name and date as well.

The food bandit will be dealt with when caught... special message to the food bandit....Get your Own Food !!!! You know who you are and we will know soon as well.

Email #3 - Thursday 9/25 - 12:03 PM

Okay this is the last warning,,,,,

We have had food stolen, yes thats right STOLEN from the refrigerators within the last couple hours.

This is such a serious issue that we are installing a camera in the kitchen. When this person is caught you will be terminated immedietly.

This is not a joke.

It is to me. I made a poster for the fridge:

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