Friday, September 26, 2008

Land of the Lost Video - Ahh, those were the days!

Saw the Land of the Lost intro today and had to laugh. I freaking LOVED this show as a kid. Definitely dark for a show back in those days. I think mostly I was just in love with the daughter Holly. I must have watched rereuns or something..because it only ran from 74-76. It came back in the 90's and sucked. Anyways, watch the Land of the Lost intro video below...sleestacks, Bill Lambier, pylons, Chaka, ahhhhh so good! Looking back at this video, it looks like an awful parody or viral video someone would put out today!

Land of the Lost details the adventures of a family of three. The dad, Rick Marshall, son Will and daughter Holly are trapped in an alien world inhabited by dinosaurs, chimp-like cavemen called Pakuni, and aggressive, humanoid/lizard creatures called Sleestak that have a mix of insectoid and reptilian characteristics. The series plots focus on the family's efforts to survive and find a way back to their own world, but the exploration of the exotic features of the Land of the Lost are also an ongoing part of the story.

Pakuni (one of whom, Cha-Ka, they befriend), as well as a variety of other dangerous creatures, mysterious technology, and strange geography.

The main goal of the three is to find a way to return home. They are occasionally aided in this by the Altrusian castaway Enik. At the start of the third season Rick Marshall is accidentally returned to Earth alone, leaving his children behind, and is replaced by his brother Jack. Spencer Milligan's absence was explained by having Rick Marshall disappear after he was trying to use one of the pylons to get home, and that Jack had stumbled upon his niece and nephew after he embarked on a search of his own to find them.

Though the term "time doorway" is used throughout the series, Land of the Lost is not meant to portray an era in Earth's history, but rather an enigmatic zone whose place and time are unknown. The original creators of these time portals were thought to be the ancestors of the Sleestak, called Altrusians, though later episodes raised some questions about this.

Many aspects of the Land of the Lost, including the time doorways and environmental processes, were controlled by the Pylons, metallic obelisk-shaped booths that were larger on the inside than the outside and housed matrix tables — stone tables studded with a grid of colored crystals. Uncontrolled time doorways result in the arrival of a variety of visitors and castaways in the Land.

Although they came close to returning to their own time in several episodes, at the time the series was canceled they had never successfully returned home. If you are looking for pictures of a cool Casselberry, Florida website, click here. Interesting info on Soccer is here. Great Crohn's disease blog is here.

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