Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McDonald's 2008 ONLINE Monolpoly - How to Play , Codes and more

Register for a free account at playatmcd.com.

Each day of the 2009 McDonalds online monolopy game, one person will land on Chance after entering a code in the online game. The winner will get a dice roll for the chance to win $1,000,000 via a live dice roll on NBC's nightly lineup. If double sixes are rolled, you will win the million. Anything other than double sixes wins you $10,000.

The game at the stores begins on October 6 and ends November 2. Purchase the following foods for Official Game Pieces: Medium and Large Fountain Drinks, Large Hot McCafe, Hash Browns, Angus Burger, 10- and 20-piece Chicken McNuggets, and Large Fries. McDs monopoly Game pieces will either say Instant Winner or have a Monopoly property, which can be collected in sets for corresponding prizes.

Official Game Pieces also have code printed on them (both property and instant win pieces). Enter the code online at playatmcd.com for a chance to win more prizes instantly, and roll the dice to move along the virtual game board. Be careful- if you are cashing in instant win game pieces for food at a McDonald's, make sure you enter the code online first.

There are tons of prizes, including free food, cash, gas cards, my coke rewards points, Xbox bundles, and more! Check out the links at the bottom or this page for more information.

RARE PIECES FOR 2009 McDonald's Monopoly GAME:

* Mediterranean Ave: $50
* Short Line RR: $100
* Vermont Ave: $500
* Virginia Ave: $1,000
* Tennessee Ave: $5,000
* Kentucky Ave: $10,000
* Ventnor Ave: $25,000
* Pennsylvania Ave: $50,000
* Boardwalk: $1,000,000

FREE CODES FOR 2009 (cheat codes):


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